The New Toothpaste Which Leave Dentists Without Work

A revolutionary invention for maintaining personal hygiene has been invented by a Japanese researcher Kazue Yamagishi. It’s about a new toothpaste that fills all the holes and cracks in the teeth and restore the tooth enamel.

All this ultimately makes a lot of manipulations unnecessary , which dentists usually perform.

In its composition the tooth paste of the Japanese researcher is similar with the tooth enamel, the only difference is that it is  liquid. Thus it can easily be applied to the affected area with a toothbrush.

The formula of the new paste is obtained after a series of experiments with hydroxylapatite, also called crystalline calcium phosphate, the main component of the tooth.

After the paste is applied to the teeth, the acid on the surface of the teeth begins to dissolve. Three minutes later, the paste begins to crystallize and gets fastened to the structure of the natural enamel

Your pearls of white need lot of care, as kids we were never bothered how painful it could be to visit a dentist for a root treatment, wished were careful with loads of chocolates and sweets devoured. There are many inventions for fixing your teeth when there is an issue, dentures, permanent fixing of teeth, root canal and the last is uprooting the decayed tooth. Imagine there were people from history who used antibacterial neem sticks to chew off all the germs and had healthy teeth until they aged a lot.
Natural hacks, using different types of moth washes and of course, the regular cleaning will keep the teeth clean, yet there are chances of eroding the enamel that keeps the tooth intact after regular usage of the fluoride-laden toothpaste. Well, Japanese have more connect with nature and have discovered a liquid form of tooth gel that can fix any tooth problems; they dissolve in the mouth once applied and liquidity to form a thick base.
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