There is a large variety of products that promise to remove areas, and although some may work, it is very important to understand that the chemical in this kind of product just cause serious damage to our health. Therefore, in this short article we will reveal you 2 of the numerous masks made from potato which will assist you combat the completely undesirable areas from your face.


What do you need in order to eliminate the areas from your face?

1. Potato and lemon

You need:

1 potato
1/2 a lemon (juice).
Preparation: You should mix the potato and after that include the lemon juice and mix till it is all integrated.

The best ways to use: Apply this house treatment with gentle circular movements, let it stay for 20 minutes and wash your confront with water.

2: Potato and cucumber.

You require:.

1 potato.
1/2 a cucumber.
Preparation: Put the potato and the cucumber in a blender and mix up until it is all completely combined.

How to use: Apply the mix with gentle circular movements on your face, let it stay for 25 minutes and wash it with a lot of water.