7-10% of their lives women spend on their periods. The mostly think that this is only a regular monthly procedure and know nothing more than this. There are many things women have to be aware of regarding their menstrual cycles.

Check out these facts:

  • A woman releases 35 ml of fluid during the period on the average. This fluid consists of mucus, tissue, and blood.
  • Blue liquid has been used in advertisements to show the feminine products, but by 2011, red dot started to be shown.
  • Tampons are used by 70% of the western women.
  • The cycle might be connected to the moon with the most common start date for a cycle beginning of a new moon. The cycle may be from 21 to 35 days in length.
  • The most common side of PMS is clumsiness.
  • 7-10% of their lives, women spend on periods.
  • People are one of the few species with this condition on the planet. There are some animals which reabsorb instead of shedding blood.

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