Head lice is the most terrific thing for parents. They are very hard to remove and are quite annoying, thus they fear that their child will come and complain their scalp is itchy. Lice are wingless, small insects and feed on human blood, being highly contagious.

Children get them in school, however, adults can also have them. If not removed quickly, the situation may get out of control because they multiply fast and can cause serious infection. There are many different shampoos on the market, but they may sometimes be ineffective. We have the best homemade recipe for you.


  • White vinegar;
  • Listerine mouthwash (or some other brand);
  • Towels;
  • Plastic bags, or a shower cap;
  • Lice comb.

Directions: wash the child’s head with the mouthwash to make the hair be completely wet. Wrap the hair with the plastic bag, or bathing cap and let it stay for 60 minutes. Then, remove the plastic bag/shower cap and wash the child’s hair with the vinegar, and cover it with a bag/hat for another 60 minutes. Remove the bag/cap and use a normal shampoo to wah your child’s hair. Comb the hair with the lice comb. The vinegar will serve to eliminate the eggs from the hair and Listerine will keep them away with its smell. You may also add spray bottle and spray your child’s hair before sending it to school. You will need a few hours for the whole treatment.

You should better try this remedy than using the commercial products full with chemicals that may distort your child’s health.