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Imagine talking, smiling, laughing in front of hundreds of people. Like your friends, family, partners, boss maybe and they can see your yellow teeth! That’s embarrassing right? Might make them think you never brushed your teeth but you actually do! Specially for smokers, they have higher chance to have yellow teeth but don’t get it wrong! Even non-smokers can have yellow teeth if you eat too much sugar.There are two types of studies that traders follow to invest in the stock market. This is a fantastic read and one must read it to understand both the methods.
These are technical and fundamental analysis.
The studies are used to research the investments in the share market.
The key difference between both the studies is that fundamental analysis tries to reason out why a particular stock is moving up or down. The reason is used to analyze what could happen to the stock in the future. Technical analysis is not bothered about the reason behind the price movement. All that they are bothered about is that the stock price is moving.

The fundamental research studies and analyses the reason for the movement in the share price. They use historical data and news reports. The financial analysts use ratios to analyze the numbers. Fundamental analysis is beneficial for those who want to stay invested in the market for long.

Technical analysis, on the other hand, studies the pattern of price and the volume of the shares traded. The charts are used to study what the share market trend is. Technical analysis is useful for those who are short-term traders and switch over their trades fast. The technical analysts use support and resistance levels and trendiness to analyses their trades.

Book value per share
This is an important concept in fundamental analysis. It is used to indicate the safety level that is associated with a common share after all of its liabilities have been removed. The ratio is used to understand how much will the shareholder be left with when the company gets liquidated. The ratio is compared with the stock price that is being traded currently to decide whether the stock is under or overvalued.

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