Every Day She Tied Two Of Her Toes With A Rubber Band – This May Have Saved Her Life

High heels have always been allies of every woman, on the road to greater grace and optical elongated legs. You look sexy, but how many really feel comfortable when walking?

Unbearable Pain In The Soles

We bring you a simple trick that will solve these problems – forever.

When walking with the backless high heel style more pressure will be added to the toes and causes much pain. Simple tricks have been found by the fashionists which will change it to the good. Many women are giving advice on the social media for taping their toes by using a rubber band and thereby the toes are brought together. Now your favorite pair of heels can be put on the heels. By doing like this one can enjoy over whole night in the town and there will not be the rubbing of toes.
You can use the rubber band, medical bandage, surgical tape, and scotch tape to tie your toes. The third and the fourth toes are tied or taped together.
There is some logic behind the tying of toes in this trick. The reason for the pain in the foot is due to the nerve which splits between the third and the fourth toes. When you are wearing the high heels and having walked for a long time it results in the pain. The cause of the pain is due to the increase of pressure in the toes. By means of wearing the toes by the tape removes the strain which is caused in the nerve. Now you can even dance for the whole night and you will not get the pain. Because the muscles are kept aligned and make steady your ball of the feet. Some other idea for high heels is to have a peek at this site.
For the lubrication, you have to spray the deodorant inside the shoes. If you new shoe is having a smooth sole, you make them rough by using the sandpaper. Before you head out have attested drive nearly walking for an hour. Then completing the trial work out if there is a potential rub on the shoes, over the painful spots stick the plasters on it.

All you need is an ordinary rubber band or adhesive tape.

Connecting your third and fourth toe will immediately make you feel better. The tape prevents the separation of the two fingers when walking, thus preventing irritation of the nerves in the area, as well as pain in the sole.